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Waiting for Lightning - Review

Kevin Spenst reviewed Waiting for Lightning in SubTerrain magazine Issue #95 in his column Chuffed About Chapbooks:

“Waiting for Lightning by Marilyn Letts is an artful divulgence of stages of belief and how one’s faith might both break and grow. The ‘waiting’ in the title is intimately connected to the poem “A woman speaks at the Breaking of Bread” where we have a brief narrative of a woman questioning the rules of a Catholic ritual. The poem is framed with the advice “During an electrical storm if your hair stands up, lay down flat.” The religious imagery of being prostrate is hinted at and the charged situation of someone questioning religious authority is palpable. Letts’ poems chart a woman’s faith before and after “ten years as a cloistered nun.” Undeniably, Letts takes us through an admirable exploration of form: “Six-word memoirs,” a concrete poem, lyric poems, and poems that rewrite portions of the Bible. Waiting for Lightning reveals convictions reworked into freedom."

How great is that?! Thanks Kevin!


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