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Waiting for Lightning

Sold out!

(If you contact me directly, perhaps a copy could be found...)

Reviewed by Kevin Spenst in subTerrain magazine Issue #95

Waiting for Lightning by Marilyn Letts is an artful divulgence of stages of belief and how one’s faith might both break and grow….Undeniably, Letts takes us through an admirable exploration of form: “Six-word memoirs,” a concrete poem, lyric poems, and poems that rewrite portions of the Bible. Waiting for Lightning reveals convictions reworked into freedom.”

Marilyn has previously published poetry in Green's Magazine, the Prairie Journal, Other Voices, FreeFall Magazine, the Feathertale Review,  Penwood Review and a variety of other print and online places.

Next to the Cancer Centre


On the crackling brown grass recently exposed

by the melting snow of spring

a coyote pounces,


From a tunnel deep in the earth,

“Missed me!”


“This time.”

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