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Poetry, too? Poetry II

I've just completed a wild ride through Poetry II, a ten-week course from SFU continuing education taught by Kevin Spenst. Lots of fun, lots of learning and lots of mind-bending new ideas. ("Translate" a poem from a language you don't know.)We consumed great poems and scrutinized how some poems accomplish what they do. Best Canadian Poetry 2019 ed. by Rob Taylor and How a Poem Moves by Adam Sol were two of the sources. My cohort of students also contributed inspiring poetry, thoughtful feedback and insightful discussion posts.

Now to keep that momentum going.  

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Still Poking at Religion (Thanks to the L(l)amas of Ogden Nash) The one ‘o’ pious prays to cope the no ‘o’ Pius was a pope Let’s thrive outside the whole church bias there’s no such thing as a double


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