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2024 News

A poem of reflection on the weirdly supportive relationship the US has with the state of Israel. Evangelicalism strikes again?

2024 News


When I was a child                        in the 1970s

                  I lived in Calgary

                  I heard Jesus died for me at Calvary


I spoke as a child                            “Are they the same?”

                  People laughed, showed me a globe

                  Calvary/Jerusalem on the other side


I felt as a child                                    when God said

                  Don’t touch my chosen people!

                  He meant me & Israel


I thought as a child                        Israel

                  in Exodus & the Calgary Herald

                  fought Egypt, yet again


When I became a woman the texts read genocide


I put away childish things and grieve


(quotations from 1 Corinthians 13:11, 1 Chronicles 16:22)






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