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Day 8 NaPoWriMo - As unclear as an ultrasound

NaPoWriMo's prompt today includes "Twenty Little Poetry Projects" all in one poem.

I have fulfilled the task (!) without trying to create too much meaning, beyond adding punctuation.

As unclear as an ultrasound

Magpies cry aloud for healthcare smelling

the white snow melting into

the brown grass. Months of decay expose

rose stalks who snag Calgary clouds

where bright sunshine conceals rot.

Politicians sprout in the sidewalk

cracks conveniently yelling "E. Coli!" The oil

price increase launches spring:

“This is going to trigger Sputnik 2.0”

The bigger baby blue summer

sky threatens rain and softens

leaders’ hearts to speak the truth.

Rose will taste sugar when

the limp river rises.

Hares’ ears taste apples – C’est vrai

The flicker’s tattooing pick-up lines

drown out opposition, even the magpies'.

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