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Day 6 (Frabjous) NaPoWriMo - That land lies in a hummingbird

Today's prompt from NaPoWriMo "Take a look around Poetry International for a poem in a language you don’t know. Now, read the poem to yourself, thinking about the sound and shape of the words, and the degree to which they remind you of words in your own language. Use those correspondences as the basis for a new poem."

It's late and I'm task-oriented, so I'm leaving the words in the rough form I heard them. But I couldn't help trying to add meaning with punctuation.

That land lies in a hummingbird

The ford floods excess.

Fraught you find your might.

Octaves detox ignorance.

Mellow this grand hole of blabbage

without a person.

Not with foreign men.

Not digging for gold.

What hording, cavorting pleasure floods

the market. Schooling awkward

with you, back turned to the ground.

Important stranger’s vendetta tricked

out five of these stammers. Driven modern

foraging hatchets highlighted.

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