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Day 3 NaPoWriMo - Part of the day you slept

Thanks again for a great idea. [Find a shortish poem that you like, and rewrite each line, replacing each word (or as many words as you can) with words that mean the opposite.]

Here's mine, with all credit going, as you can see, to the original.

Part of the day you slept by Marilyn Letts

Part of the day you slept

in spite of the sunlight on your desk.

You didn't hear a voice whispering

in your ear. Everything questioned "no."

All night I could not sleep by Zi Ye (Tzu Yeh) (6th-3rd centuries BCE?)

All night I could not sleep

because of the moonlight on my bed.

I kept on hearing a voice calling:

Out of Nowhere, Nothing answered “yes.”

(translated by Arthur Waley)

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