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Day 28 NaPoWriMo - Naked Mole-Rat

From NaPoWriMo: "Finally, our optional prompt for the day asks you to try your hand at writing a sijo. This is a traditional Korean verse form. A sijo has three lines of 14-16 syllables. The first line introduces the poem’s theme, the second discusses it, and the third line, which is divided into two sentences or clauses, ends the poem – usually with some kind of twist or surprise.

You could also write a sijo in six lines – at least when it comes to translating classical sijo into English, translators seem to have developed this habit, as you can see from these translations of poems by Jong Mong-Ju and U Tak."

Naked mole-rats rarely surface

in poems or stories.

Squeezing past relatives in the tunnel

paws scrabbling.

Their frantic motion within restrictions

so familiar.

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