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Day 27 NaPoWriMo To Find the Songs

Here's the prompt from NaPoWriMo Today we’d like to challenge you to write an “American sonnet.” What’s that? Well, it’s like a regular sonnet but . . . fewer rules? Like a traditional Spencerian or Shakespearean sonnet, an American sonnet is shortish (generally 14 lines, but not necessarily!), discursive, and tends to end with a bang, but there’s no need to have a rhyme scheme or even a specific meter. Here are a few examples:

If you’d like more specific instructions for how to get started, Write 253 has a great “formula” prompt for an American sonnet, which you can find here.

Rough start but here's my love sonnet which came out of Write 253's prompts -

To find the songs


old people Ed Sheeran is thinking

out loud Adele sings Bob Dylan

to make you feel my love, sugar

always brings up the wrong one, marooned

I want Chaka Khan like sugar

not the powdered wedding day

one hit wonder Jenn Grant picking up

pussywillows cut and stuck in a jar

disintegrating to dust                 ooh child

Beth Orton never promised you more

than easier          a leather bookmark

worn smooth and lasting longer

than the memory of the touch of your hand

without regrets on our highway so sweet

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