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Day 17 NaPoWriMo - May you always be

NaPoWriMo: "Today’s challenge asks you to write a poem that contains the name of a specific variety of edible plant – preferably one that grows in your area... In the poem, try to make a specific comparison between some aspect of the plant’s lifespan and your own – or the life of someone close to you. Also, include at least one repeating phrase." Yay! I wrote a poem after a couple days missed. For some reason I got obsessed with making the stanzas equal.

May you always be

a dandelion springing up when

grasses are barely beginning

to dust off winter’s leaf mould.

Spiky green leaves tempt

empty-bellied bears

to the edge of the road.

Tender shoots delight white hares

turning dirty for the summer.

May your golden head upset

the uniformity of the golf green.

May you always be

a dandelion sprouting from a puffball seed

blown to a tiny pile of dust

in the narrowest crack

of concrete.

Lion’s teeth roar sunward

while the taproot dives deep.

May your tenacity endure.

Send milk strength up

to burst into neon yellow joy.

(edited apr 28/23)

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