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Composting Ecclesiastes

Our final assignment for Poetry II was to video ourselves reading one of the poems we wrote during the course. Quite fun trying out my iPhone and tripod. This is take 2. I changed the title after I videoed but wasn’t willing to try recording again.

(Q: Should I look at the green dot or myself? A: the green dot.

Q: Should I take acting lessons? A: probably)


Composting Ecclesiastes


“Vitality of vitality” says Rose,

“Vitality of vitality all is vitality.”

What does a chickadee build from their cry,

when they cry above the snow?

One bird comes and another bird goes,

and the mountain roars forever.

The chickadee chills, the chickadee dawdles

the chickadee races to their rising place.

The vole treks south into their tunnel

and squeezes back up north. They turn around

incessantly and return again to their courses.

All the rivers run to the sea, yet the sea is not full.

The water rises, the water falls:

thanks be to the water.

All things are full of vitality beyond uttering.

The eye cannot consume everything,

nor the ear be filled with singing.

That which heats is that which expands.

Everything is new under the sun.

Is there a vole of which it may be said,

“Look, this is new?”

Though they were here long ago,

they are new each moment.

The chickadee calls for memory,

and the vole hears the mountain.

Vitality of vitality, all are vital.

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