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April Poetry month! Snow and 18 degrees

April Fool's!

I missed starting on time for NaPoWriMo month but here's my offering for April 2.

I'm hoping to participate by writing a daily poem, but not slavishly taskmastering my inner creative. Guaranteed these starter poems will be rough, but the exercise generated a lot of new poems last year.

Here goes!

Prompt day 2: a platonic love poem

April, as usual - snow and 18 degrees


Walking without purpose your rippling laughter draws me close

I love your rounded cement shoulders directing rivulets

of oil-spattered snow melt,

slowed by pinecones

needles, rotting leaves,

detritus of fall’s ice storm

winter’s idling engines,

spring’s blizzard.  


You call me to interfere, set things in motion

chipping ice, clearing soggy mounds of decay

with a stick dragging the decomposing pile

aside I imagine I set this river free and sail

down grated storm drains to the bay.

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