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April Fool's! NaPoWriMo - Talons on a ponytail

Ok, so I "did" poetry for twelve hours (People's Poetry Festival) on April 1 and did not get a new poem written.

Today PPF was only 8 hours and I managed to follow the NaPoWriMo prompt. Here's my poem!

Talons on a ponytail

Touching the sore tooth with your tongue

over and over, the metal keyhole

in the wooden door recognizing

corrosion, watching like god not

remembering your name

The NaPoWriMo Prompt: "The Romanian-born poet Paul Celan once wrote a series of surrealist questions and answers. Here are a couple of examples: What is forgetting?

An unripe apple stabbed by a spear.

What is a tear?

A scale awaiting a weight.

Today’s prompt asks you to begin by picking 5-10 words from the following list. Next, write out a question for each word that you’ve selected (e.g., what is seaweed?)...

Now for each question, write a one-line answer. Try to make the answer an image, and don’t worry about strict logic. These are surrealist answers, after all!

After you’ve written out your series of questions and answers, place all the answers, without the questions, on a new page. See if you can make a poem of just the answers. You may find that what you have is very beautifully mysterious, and somehow has its own logic."

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